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1181 Aaron Gaulke - Hassan Saleh The BoozersCombined 2nd/3rd Division2 2 Black Sheep
292 Awais Imtiaz - Fahad Khan PLAN B3rd Division1 1 Wood Duck County
3153 Glenn Fairweather - CHRISTOPHER JACKSON Cabra-Vale Diggers Cricket Club1st Division5 1 Cricketers Arms
4118 Rahul Salgaonkar - Srikanth Attipalli Red Sun Cricket ClubCombined 2nd/3rd Division1 1 Blazing Tigers
5223 Gerard Mitchell - Hassan Saleh The Boozers3rd Division4 1 Blazing Tigers
6144 Daniel Burchmore - Michael Benjamin GSNDS4th Division5 1 Malabar United
7125 Buddhika Wickramaratna - Tim Filippi Newtown Cricket Club (Sydney Morning CA)3rd Division2 1 East Sydney
883 Andrew Dadswell - Garth Pearce TroopersCombined 2nd/3rd Division2 1 PLAN B
9141 Angus Blackwood - Jake Hauritz Outstanding Lagermen Cricket Club1st Division2 1 Cabra-Vale Diggers
10329 Nicholas Bayliss - Tom Hattersley Outstanding Lagermen Cricket Club1st Division4 1 Cricketers Arms

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