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Batting Partnerships

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188 Thanuja Perera - Kushal Das Victorious SecretCombined 3rd/4th Division3 1 Wood Duck County
2137 Sunil Kalidindi - Nilesh Suryavanshi Red Sun Cricket ClubCombined 1st/2nd Division3 1 Cricketers Arms
356 Muhammad Raza - Salman Jasani Blazing Tigers Cricket ClubCombined 1st/2nd Division2 1 Troopers
4106 Julian Powell - Pratham Karkal The Shire WanderersCombined 1st/2nd Division2 1 Clinton Perren
597 Steven Mitchell - Michael McLeod SeaweedCombined 3rd/4th Division3 1 Newtown CC
677 Asif Mohazin - Domin Thomas Malabar UnitedCombined 3rd/4th Division3 1 Spartans
777 Brent Rusten - Carmelo Mustica Wood DuckCombined 3rd/4th Division2 1 Scott Muller CC
899 Nikhil ANAND - Alan Arvind Blue RaidersCombined 1st/2nd Division2 1 Cricketers Arms
955 Rivaj Puthiyapurayil - Domin Thomas Malabar UnitedCombined 3rd/4th Division2 1 GSNDS
1068 Charles Rao - Prateek Alkesh Clinton Perren Invitational Cricket ClubCombined 1st/2nd Division2 1 The Shire Wanderers

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