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Batting Partnerships

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1248 Hassan Saleh - Aaron Gaulke The BoozersCombined 1st/2nd Division6 1 Blue Raiders
2188 Anmol Bhasin - Bhavneet Singh Blue RaidersCombined 1st/2nd Division6 1 The Boozers
3330 David Sait - Steven Mitchell SeaweedCombined 3rd/4th Division4 1 Fine Legs XI
4160 Ben James - Jason Rabbitt Clinton Perren Invitational Cricket ClubCombined 1st/2nd Division8 1 Cricketers Arms
5107 Simon Bloom - Andrew Bennie Clinton Perren Invitational Cricket ClubCombined 1st/2nd Division7 1 Red Sun
6117 Jonathon Watts - James Weavers Scott Muller CCCombined 3rd/4th Division9 1 Newtown CC
797 Mark Davies - Ryan Jeffcoat Wood DuckCombined 3rd/4th Division8 1 Malabar United
899 Nikhil ANAND - Alan Arvind Blue RaidersCombined 1st/2nd Division2 1 Cricketers Arms
970 Campbell Nugent - Iain Crossing Cricketers Arms BlueCombined 1st/2nd Division9 1 Cabra-Vale Diggers
1068 Charles Rao - Prateek Alkesh Clinton Perren Invitational Cricket ClubCombined 1st/2nd Division2 1 The Shire Wanderers

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