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Batting Partnerships

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1160 Aaron Gaulke - Alasdair Doctor The Boozers2nd Division4 1 Newtown
2144 Asif Mohazin - Rivaj Puthiyapurayil Malabar UnitedCombined 3rd/4th Division3 1 Scott Muller CC
399 Theo Miller - Blake Giarola Cricketers Arms Blue2nd Division4 1 Troopers
4105 Asif Mohazin - Ahmed Kaithal Shahir Malabar UnitedCombined 3rd/4th Division4 1 Fine Legs XI
5104 Sesh Jayasuriya - Ushan Kodagoda Vithanage Victorious Secret2nd Division1 1 Cricketers Arms
6131 Dennis Hopson - Jeff Hopson The Shire Wanderers1st Division4 1 Blazing Tigers
7140 Tynan O'Shea - Angus Ross CSCT Cricket ClubCombined 3rd/4th Division4 2 Scott Muller CC
884 James Weavers - James Pinter Scott Muller CCCombined 3rd/4th Division4 1 CSCT Cricket Club
9230 Vinayagamoorthy Sivasubramaniam - Prabu Selvaraj Spartans Cricket ClubCombined 3rd/4th Division4 1 GSNDS
1059 Meesam Raza - Haroon Mukhtar Blazing Tigers Cricket Club1st Division4 1 Shire Wanderers

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