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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Zala, PrabhatBeacon Hill Cricket Club330000
2 Atwal, RobinWorking Class Warriors320000
3 Singh, SatinderBeacon Hill Cricket Club420000
4 Penugodu, Rohith CGladiators320000
5 Haider, Naba-AllahWorking Class Warriors220010
6 Brazel, PeterWorking Class Warriors220000
7 Ahire, ValmikGladiators310000
8 Dadlani, PradeepSydney United Sports Club Inc.310000
9 Atienzo, Samuel MSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club110000
10 Whalebone, FreddyGladiators410000
11 Mohamed, Fasahath HSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club210000
12 Maheswaran, SinthujanGladiators110000
13 Kapila, ArshGladiators310000
14 Mahajan, RonitBeacon Hill Cricket Club410000
15 Avish, AvishSydney United Sports Club Inc.410000
16 Verma, HimanshuBeacon Hill Cricket Club410000
17 Vala, PravinBeacon Hill Cricket Club410000
18 Arora, AyushSydney United Sports Club Inc.211000
19 Chakravarty, RajatSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club310000
20 Saraswat, AbhishekSydney United Sports Club Inc.310000
21 Barwal, PrashantSydney United Sports Club Inc.210000
22 Valecha, NikhilSydney United Sports Club Inc.310000
23 Jastrzab, JeremyGladiators210000
24 Vyas, DhrumilWorking Class Warriors310001
25 Gopal, PuneethWorking Class Warriors200000
26 Sirr, DavidSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club300000
27 Singh, ArjunMarvels XI200000
28 Dharmender, DharmenderMarvels XI200000
29 Ravi, RaviBeacon Hill Cricket Club200000
30 Garey, AidenWorking Class Warriors300000
31 Garey, Andrew JWorking Class Warriors100000
32 Singh, JasBeacon Hill Cricket Club100000
33 Ahmad, FarazBeacon Hill Cricket Club400000
34 Loganathan, TharmilanBeacon Hill Cricket Club100000
35 McMillan, NickSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club200000
36 Virmani, VedantWorking Class Warriors200000
37 Millar, SamSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club300000
38 Sultan, SayemWorking Class Warriors100000
39 Tapia, ZaeemBeacon Hill Cricket Club100000
40 Gupta, PankajSydney United Sports Club Inc.201000
41 Bhargava, KrishnaWorking Class Warriors204010
42 Sharma, AkhilWorking Class Warriors200000
43 Nizama, ZeelGladiators100000
44 SHARMA, DhirajSydney United Sports Club Inc.300000
45 Amin, Dhaval AGladiators100000
46 Kumar, LakshaySydney United Sports Club Inc.401000
47 Khoo, E-YoungGladiators100000
48 Premkumar, AshwinWorking Class Warriors100000
49 Chandar, GurukrishnaGladiators300000
50 Saini, PankajSydney United Sports Club Inc.200000
51 Tegampure, Arvind KumarMarvels XI200000
52 Gowda, NandeeshMarvels XI100000
53 Luvkesh, ShervinGladiators100000
54 Manthu, VikramMarvels XI200000
55 Cole, Matthew JBeacon Hill Cricket Club200000
56 Wadhwa, Raman SSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club100010
57 Lewis, DaveSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club300000
58 Alamgir, EmadGladiators100000
59 Bhatty, Michael SGladiators100000
60 Sandhu, JaspreetSydney United Sports Club Inc.300000
61 Ul-Haque, Zain MMarvels XI200000
62 Patselis, JamesWorking Class Warriors100000
63 Iyer, Prahlad SSydney United Sports Club Inc.200000
64 Parasa, SrinivasGladiators200010
65 Chaudhary, VisheshSydney United Sports Club Inc.401000
66 Singh, SatinderGladiators100001
67 Barkat, ChristopherWorking Class Warriors100000
68 Nehru, VikrantWorking Class Warriors200000
69 Dunlop, ReileyBeacon Hill Cricket Club200000
70 Anand, KaranSydney United Sports Club Inc.200000
71 Bake, Sameer PMarvels XI200000
72 Shadab, VaseemMarvels XI200000
73 Warde, HimanshuWorking Class Warriors100020
74 Kattakayam, BenettGladiators400010
75 Brar, KhushparBeacon Hill Cricket Club100000
76 Sidney, Damian LGladiators100000
77 Gussey, BenSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club300000
78 Baruah, AnshulWorking Class Warriors200000
79 Wilson, ThomasSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club400000
80 Singh, AnimeshSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club100000
81 Beaumont, AngusGladiators300000
82 Walker, ChrisSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club300010
83 Johnson, KevinSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club200000
84 Ali, BasitGladiators200000
85 Hussain, AktherWorking Class Warriors200000
86 Pulla, RohithWorking Class Warriors100000
87 Henry, Shane HSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club200000
88 Brady, DavidBeacon Hill Cricket Club200000
89 Grant, Colin RSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club301000
90 Haider, NajiWorking Class Warriors300000
91 Ul-Haq, AhsanMarvels XI200000
92 Steel, JoshuaSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club200000
93 Sivaraj, SurenderajSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club200000
94 Sunny, SundeepMarvels XI200000
95 Yalala, Prashanth ReddyWorking Class Warriors100000
96 Saha, AarkaBeacon Hill Cricket Club405000
97 Palani, NandakumarMarvels XI100000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.