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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
19570455912713198286133395*David SirrHornsby District20181st Division3 1Easy Riders
29466089012716408286133394*Raveesh SrivastavaEasy Riders20181st Division3 1Hornsby District
38723986912716409286132987Brodie FrostNude Driving20181st Division1 1Beamers
4812348621271867286133581Bradley FordSt Ives20181st Division3 1Beamers
57970467812713198286133379Sam MillarHornsby District20181st Division3 1Easy Riders
67724813812715430286132877*Ben van der MerweCroydon Park20181st Division1 1Easy Riders
76166443712716408286133161*Arsh KapilaEasy Riders20181st Division2 1Nude Driving
85879839212716409286133158Nirav PatelNude Driving20181st Division2 1Easy Riders
958124186612716408286133158Manish MalhotraEasy Riders20181st Division2 1Nude Driving
105896670312716408286132858Michael S BhattyEasy Riders20181st Division1 1Croydon Park
115757190612727270286132957*Bilal QureshiBeamers20181st Division1 1Nude Driving
12522903271271867286133052Tim LovegroveSt Ives20181st Division2 1Croydon Park
135265528112713198286132752*Colin R GrantHornsby District20181st Division1 1St Ives
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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