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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1116784975153154553526999116*Srikanth R AttipalliRed Sun2020/20211st Division2 1Clinton Perren
2102671814153153993527004102Dennis HopsonShire Wanderers2020/20211st Division4 1Blazing Tigers
38267593115315399352700082Brett SweetnamShire Wanderers2020/20211st Division2 1Cabra-Vale Diggers
467166654115328850352699567*Muhammad RazaBlazing Tigers2020/20211st Division1 1Cabra-Vale Diggers
564141068215314955352699664Ben JamesClinton Perren2020/20211st Division1 1Jaguars
66491648815315399352700064*Thomas BeadleShire Wanderers2020/20211st Division2 1Cabra-Vale Diggers
75267122115315399352700452Jeff HopsonShire Wanderers2020/20211st Division4 1Blazing Tigers
851163469315332279352699651Anirudh MuppiralaJaguars2020/20211st Division1 1Clinton Perren
9506637451533587352700050*JONATHON ALLSOPPCabra-Vale Diggers2020/20211st Division2 1Shire Wanderers
105067182515315399352700250Robert HoylesShire Wanderers2020/20211st Division3 1Clinton Perren
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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