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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubLife Member's ShieldCombined 1st/2nd DivisionCombined 3rd/4th DivisionLife Member's ShieldCombined 1st/2nd DivisionCombined 3rd/4th Division
Le Lievre, RobertGSNDS002002
Abbas, QasimBlazing Tigers Cricket Club01800180
Abdulrahuman, Reshin RMalabar United002002
Acharath, HabibMalabar United002002
Agarwal, GauravGSNDS002002
AK, RahoofMalabar United006006
Akhtar, AkkiThe Shire Wanderers090090
Alexander, RobNewtown Cricket Club (Sydney Morning CA)00150015
Ali, ShaheenMalabar United00180018
Alkesh, PrateekClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club01600160
ALLSOPP, JONATHONCabra-Vale Diggers Cricket Club030030
Amaranath, RakithaThe Shire Wanderers01300130
Amit, JamilClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club01200120
Ammar, MuhammadBlazing Tigers Cricket Club040040
ANAND, NikhilBlue Raiders01800180
Anderson, MartinWood Duck002002
Anderson, PeterWood Duck002002
Appattillath, AyoobMalabar United003003
Arahu, Zachary KBlack Sheep Cricket Club080080
Aravamudhan, KarthikEdgeMasters00200020
Areces, VictorThe Shire Wanderers01300130
Arshad, AqeelEdgeMasters00200020
Arvind, AlanBlue Raiders01800180
Askari, ShajirBlazing Tigers Cricket Club020020
Asquith, BrettBlack Sheep Cricket Club01400140
Asquith, TroyBlack Sheep Cricket Club010010
Atkinson, PatFine Legs XI Cricket Club00140014
Attipalli, Srikanth RRed Sun Cricket Club02000200
Badami, TanweerBlazing Tigers Cricket Club01300130
Baer, Daniel DFine Legs XI Cricket Club003003
Bailey, BrianFine Legs XI Cricket Club006006
BAIRD, MICHAEL JCabra-Vale Diggers Cricket Club01800180
BALDERSTON, DANIELCabra-Vale Diggers Cricket Club040040
Balfas, GilEdgeMasters00200020
Bark, LukeThe Shire Wanderers040040
barrett, justinScott Muller CC006006
Barron, AngusGSNDS004004
BATGE, SIMON CCabra-Vale Diggers Cricket Club050050
Beach, AaronCricketers Arms Blue01800180
Beadle, ThomasThe Shire Wanderers01600160
Bennett, MarkScott Muller CC003003
Bennie, AndrewClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club01000100
Benson, KennyBlack Sheep Cricket Club01500150
Bentley, AlexanderScott Muller CC00150015
Bertelle, PaulGSNDS002002
Betts, RyanNewtown Cricket Club (Sydney Morning CA)00200020
Bhamidipati, SampathSpartans Cricket Club00200020
Bhandari, AbhimanyuBlue Raiders01800180
Bhandari, AbhishekBlue Raiders01800180
Bhasin, AnmolBlue Raiders01800180