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1st Division
2nd Division
3rd Division
4th Division
5th Division
6th Division
7th Division
8th Division
9th Division
10th Division
11th Division
12th Division
13th Division
14th Division
15th Division
16th Division
17th Division
18th Division
19th Division
20th Division
21st Division
22nd Division
1 Sturt, Mitch RNude Driving0001000000000000000000
2 Dadswell, AndrewTroopers0000000000000000010000
3 Yap, AleksandrKingsford Apaches Cricket Club0000000000000000000001
4 Williams, IsaacKingsford Apaches Cricket Club0000000000000000000001
5 Speedie, BrandonMarrickville Cricket Club0000000000000001000000
6 Lee, MowenChatswood Gypsies Cricket Club0000000000000000000001
7 Thomson, MichaelNorth Sydney Leagues Cricket Club0000000001000000000000
8 Brahamanandam, JeswantArtarmon Maestros Cricket Club0000000000000001000000
9 Jenns, CraigGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000000000000010000
10 Holdsworth, DanielGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000000000000010000
11 Minton, RichardGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000000000000010000
12 Edwards, PeterNorth Sydney Leagues Cricket Club0000000001000000000000
13 Yardley, JamesNorth Sydney Leagues Cricket Club0000000001000000000000
14 Newton, RaymondMulgoa Valley Cricket Club0000000000000000010000
15 Schoeffer, JamesGSNDS0000000000000000000100
16 Land, RyanNorth Sydney Leagues Cricket Club0000000001000000000000
17 McCredie, MalcolmKingsford Apaches Cricket Club0000000000000000000001
18 Wheeler, DominicNude Driving0001000000000000000000
19 Adams, DavidEdgeMasters0000000000000000000100
20 Pathak, NirajBlue Raiders0000000100000000000000
21 Ranasinghe, Sanjaya PGalungara Cricket Club 0000000000000000010000
22 Howlett, BenEdgeMasters0000000000000000000100
23 Hardman, MattNude Driving0001000000000000000000
24 Perera, Thanuja GVictorious Secret0000000100000000000000
25 Minnett, RobertNude Driving0001000000000000000000
26 Davis, AndrewNude Driving0001000000000000000000
27 Frost, BrodieNude Driving0001000000000000000000
28 Singh, SatinderGladiators0100000000000000000000
29 Barrett, MarkSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club0100000000000000000000
30 Gussey, BenSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club0100000000000000000000
31 Kannan, KoushikCheetahs Sports Club0001000000000000000000
32 Jior, DamandeepMulgoa Valley Cricket Club0000000000000000010000
33 Johnstone, MarkGSNDS0000000000000000000100
34 Husband, James RSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club0100000000000000000000
35 Kumar, PrashantBlue Raiders0000000100000000000000
36 Deepak, KrushSydney United Sports Club Inc.0001000000000000000000
37 Nittes, NickCoogee Bay Rebels Cricket Club0000000000000100000000
38 Talwar, ManishBlue Raiders0000000100000000000000
39 Gunarathne, ChandraSydney Lions Sports Club0000000001000000000000
40 Perera, OshankaVictorious Secret0000000100000000000000
41 Wadhwa, Raman SSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club0100000000000000000000
42 Kalidindi, SunilRed Sun Cricket Club0000000000010000000000
43 Seymour, BryanKingsford Apaches Cricket Club0000000000000000000001
44 Wheeler, GrantKingsford Apaches Cricket Club0000000000000000000001
45 Gardner, LanceEdgeMasters0000000000000000000100
46 Sathya, SrinivasEdgeMasters0000000000000000000100
47 Joseph, JoiceRed Sun Cricket Club0000000000010000000000
48 Joseph, JohnsonRed Sun Cricket Club0000000000010000000000
49 Salgaonkar, RahulRed Sun Cricket Club0000000000010000000000
50 Ryan, JamesGSNDS0000000000000000000100
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Total Records: 565   Page: 1 of 12   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.