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1st Division
2nd Division
Combined 3rd/4th Division
1 Stephen, MattClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
2 Notley, BrettClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
3 Haydon, PatrickClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
4 Gupta, PulkitClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
5 MENYWEATHER, SHAYClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
6 Kalidindi, SunilRed Sun Cricket Club100
7 Dakshinamurthy, VenkateshRed Sun Cricket Club100
8 Joseph, JoiceRed Sun Cricket Club100
9 Joseph, JohnsonRed Sun Cricket Club100
10 Salgaonkar, RahulRed Sun Cricket Club100
11 Page, StewartClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
12 Rao, VinayClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
13 Attipalli, Srikanth RRed Sun Cricket Club100
14 Rizvi, ShabbirBlazing Tigers Cricket Club100
15 Badami, TanweerBlazing Tigers Cricket Club100
16 Lee, ByronFine Legs XI Cricket Club001
17 Varadarajan, KiranMalabar United001
18 Gitta, MuneeshClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
19 Usloob, MuhammadRed Sun Cricket Club100
20 Nagarathinam, JayakumarRed Sun Cricket Club100
21 White, SebastianFine Legs XI Cricket Club001
22 Mitchell, AlistairFine Legs XI Cricket Club001
23 Falvey, SamFine Legs XI Cricket Club001
24 Watson, NicholasFine Legs XI Cricket Club001
25 Jafar, ShabihBlazing Tigers Cricket Club100
26 Kwon, Daniel SFine Legs XI Cricket Club001
27 Turnbull, MatthewFine Legs XI Cricket Club001
28 Raza, MeesamBlazing Tigers Cricket Club100
29 Atkinson, PatFine Legs XI Cricket Club001
30 Rosengarten, JakeFine Legs XI Cricket Club001
31 James, BenClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
32 Raza, FaizanBlazing Tigers Cricket Club100
33 Kelly, JoshuaClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
34 Haider, MansabBlazing Tigers Cricket Club100
35 Mukhtar, HaroonBlazing Tigers Cricket Club100
36 Joseph, JobyRed Sun Cricket Club100
37 P K, ManikandanRed Sun Cricket Club100
38 Menon, VinodMalabar United001
39 Thomas, DominMalabar United001
40 Jafri, HasnainBlazing Tigers Cricket Club100
41 Smith, StephenClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
42 Mammu Sulaiman, MuneenMalabar United001
43 Shahjahan, SherzilMalabar United001
44 Mohazin, AsifMalabar United001
45 Kaithal Shahir, AhmedMalabar United001
46 Ali, ShaheenMalabar United001
47 Najmmuddheen, NajmmuddheenMalabar United001
48 Hassan, AlthafMalabar United001
49 Puthiyapurayil, RivajMalabar United001
50 Brodie, JamesClinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club100
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Total Records: 62   Page: 1 of 2   Go to:Prev   <[1 2]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.