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Club Championship


Chatswood Gypsies Cricket Club673.90
Cheetahs Sports Club371.00
Jaguars Sports Club303.40
Beacon Hill Cricket Club282.40
Parramatta Telugu Warriors.204.30
Hornsby District Cricket Club171.60
Victorious Secret162.20
Malabar United161.00
VOne Sports Club Inc. 153.50
Coogee Bay Rebels Cricket Club152.00
The Ponds Cricket Club150.80
Kellyville Supersonics Sports Cricket Club 150.70
Royals Cricket Club147.60
Red Sun Cricket Club138.00
Glenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club134.00
Sydney Warriors133.50
Summer Hill Cricket Club126.00
Sydney United Sports Club Inc.123.80
SRT XI123.20
Furious Sixers Cricket Club123.00
Working Class Warriors117.10
North Sydney Leagues Cricket Club115.90
Artarmon Raptors Cricket Club108.00
Mulgoa Valley Cricket Club104.90
Galungara Cricket Club 100.50
Galwedi Lankans Cricket Club91.20
Chatswood West Cricket Club91.10
Nude Driving86.25
Paki Dabangg Cricket Club85.80
Marrickville Cricket Club82.50
St Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club81.90
Western Tigers Cricket Club 81.40
Ropes Crossing Cricket Club77.00
Blue Raiders75.90
UBS XI71.40
Fair Brothers68.40
Peakhurst Sharks67.20
Marvels XI66.50
Smithfield RSL Cricket Club66.00
The Brothers CC63.00
Panthers Cricket Club63.00
Blacktown City Cricket Club58.80
PACS Falcons57.60
Harris Park Cricket Club56.00
Sydney Super Kings52.70
Pitch Smashers52.50
Macquarie University Cricket Club47.50
The Doshies46.80
Sutherland Lions46.80
Spartans Cricket Club46.80
Beyond Cricket46.40
PLAN B44.00
Kingsmen XI42.00
Kingsford Apaches Cricket Club42.00
SWS Blasters40.00
Western Scorpions36.45
CSCT Cricket Club36.00
Greystanes Cricket Club36.00
Super Sikhs Sports and Cultural32.40
Chog's Cricket Club32.00
Cricketers Arms Blue30.45
Cuzza Canes30.00
St Matthews Baulkham Hills Cricket Club26.00
Mighty Ducks22.00


Points earnt in for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are multiplied by the weighting factors below.
The points are then added across each team in a club to give the total for that club.

1sts - Ralph Wiggum Division2.00
Combined 1st/2nd Division1.97
Combined 2nd/3rd Division1.92
2nds - Disco Stu Division1.95
3rds - Duff Man Division1.90
4ths - Handsome Pete Division1.85
5ths - Dr.Nick Division1.80
Combined 3rd/4th Division1.87
Combined 5th/6th Division1.77
6ths - Itchy & Scratchy Division1.75
7ths - Bleeding Gums Murphy Division1.70
8ths - Krusty the Clown Division1.65
9ths - Sideshow Raheem Division1.60
10ths - Drederick Tatum Division1.55
11ths - Groundskeeper Willie Division1.50
12ths - Mayor Joe Quimby Division1.45
13ths - Poochie Division1.40
14ths - Cletus & Brandine Spuckler Division1.35
15ths - Kang & Kodos Division1.30
16ths - Fat Tony Division1.25
17ths - Bumblebee Man Division1.00
18ths - Capital City Goofball Division1.00
19ths - Rod & Todd Flanders Division1.00
20ths - Moe Syzlak Division1.00
21sts - Johnny Tightlips Division1.00
22nds - Gummi Venus De Milo Division1.00
Sydney Morning C.A. Representative Matches1.00
Life Member's Shield0.00
Winter Consolation 1st Division1.00
Winter Consolation 2nd Division1.00
Winter Consolation 3rd Division1.00
SMCA Super Cup1.00
Noble Cup1.00
Hinton Shield1.00
SMCA 90th Anniversary Match1.00