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Club Championship


Total Records: 22
Spartans Cricket Club69.19
Victorious Secret68.25
The Shire Wanderers62.00
Newtown Cricket Club (Sydney Morning CA)60.45
Blazing Tigers Cricket Club60.00
Red Sun Cricket Club58.00
Malabar United57.97
Clinton Perren Invitational Cricket Club54.00
Jaguars CC50.00
Cricketers Arms Blue48.75
The Boozers46.80
Summer Hill Cricket Club46.75
Black Sheep Cricket Club44.85
PLAN B37.40
Scott Muller CC37.40
Fine Legs XI Cricket Club35.53
CSCT Cricket Club24.31
Cabra-Vale Diggers Cricket Club22.00
Total Records: 22


Points earnt in for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are multiplied by the weighting factors below.
The points are then added across each team in a club to give the total for that club.

1st Division2.00
Combined 1st/2nd Division1.97
Combined 2nd/3rd Division1.92
2nd Division1.95
3rd Division1.90
4th Division1.85
5th Division1.80
Combined 3rd/4th Division1.87
Combined 5th/6th Division1.77
6th Division1.75
7th Division1.70
8th Division1.65
9th Division1.60
10th Division1.55
11th Division1.50
12th Division1.45
13th Division1.40
14th Division1.35
15th Division1.30
16th Division1.25
Life Member's Shield0.00
SMCA Super Cup1.00
Winter Consolation 1st Division1.00
Winter Consolation 2nd Division1.00
Winter Consolation 3rd Division1.00
Noble Cup1.00
Sydney Morning C.A. Representative Matches1.00
Hinton Shield1.00
SMCA 90th Anniversary Match1.00