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Champion Player

Grade Type 
Match Format 

 PlayerClubMatches Points
1 Kumar, LakshaySydney United Sports Club Inc.6312.00
2 Ravi, RaviBeacon Hill Cricket Club5262.00
3 Sharma, YuvrajSydney United Sports Club Inc.3233.00
4 Valecha, NikhilSydney United Sports Club Inc.6195.00
5 Dadlani, PradeepSydney United Sports Club Inc.6185.00
6 Stokes, NathanielHornsby District Cricket Club4181.00
7 Chandran, ShijitGladiators3160.00
8 Grant, Colin RHornsby District Cricket Club4157.00
9 Suri, OjasyaBeacon Hill Cricket Club5138.00
10 Wheeler, DominicNude Driving3136.00
11 Sirr, DavidHornsby District Cricket Club5131.00
12 Bake, Sameer PSydney Warriors4130.00
13 Dharmender, DharmenderSydney Warriors5130.00
14 Ul-Haq, AhsanSydney Warriors5127.00
15 Singh, HarpreetSydney Warriors3123.00
16 Walker, ChrisHornsby District Cricket Club5123.00
17 Saha, AarkaBeacon Hill Cricket Club4120.00
18 Whalebone, FreddyGladiators4119.00
19 Vala, PravinBeacon Hill Cricket Club6112.00
20 Maurer, LeroyGladiators4108.00
21 Vadhani, RajanSydney United Sports Club Inc.5104.00
22 Lattouf, Gabriel RGladiators499.00
23 Chakravarty, RajatHornsby District Cricket Club497.00
24 Penugodu, Rohith CGladiators496.00
25 Gupta, PankajSydney United Sports Club Inc.695.00
26 Bali, VarunBeacon Hill Cricket Club590.00
27 Arora, AyushSydney United Sports Club Inc.490.00
28 Ahire, ValmikGladiators490.00
29 zala , prabhatBeacon Hill Cricket Club487.00
30 Dhillon, ArshdeepHornsby District Cricket Club285.00
31 Mahajan, RonitBeacon Hill Cricket Club585.00
32 Arte, AlokSydney Warriors484.00
33 Steel, JoshuaHornsby District Cricket Club380.00
34 Singh, Teji SBeacon Hill Cricket Club573.00
35 Gupta, RohitSydney United Sports Club Inc.670.00
36 Radhakrishnan, NivethanGladiators365.00
37 Robertson, TomNude Driving264.00
38 Davis, AndrewNude Driving162.00
39 Ul-Haq, HasnainSydney Warriors456.00
40 Mathews, AlanGladiators253.00
41 Millar, SamHornsby District Cricket Club350.00
42 Padalwar, JaideepSydney Warriors350.00
43 Sandhu, Harpreet SBeacon Hill Cricket Club549.00
44 Sturt, Mitch RNude Driving449.00
45 Kaushal, AdityaBeacon Hill Cricket Club148.00
46 Saraswat, AbhishekSydney United Sports Club Inc.444.00
47 Anand, KaranSydney United Sports Club Inc.244.00
48 Minnett, RobertNude Driving244.00
49 Hungerford, MichaelNude Driving143.00
50 Letherbarrow, Aidan THornsby District Cricket Club343.00
51 Kent, Jackson WNude Driving242.00
52 Miedler, RileyHornsby District Cricket Club342.00
53 Hardman, MattNude Driving239.00
54 Hublikar, Aditya VHornsby District Cricket Club239.00
55 Patel, NiravNude Driving137.00
56 Singh, ArjunSydney Warriors536.00
57 Chaudhry, BabarNude Driving334.00
58 Atienzo, Samuel MHornsby District Cricket Club333.00
59 Wanzare, YogeshGladiators232.00
60 Singh, Gurpreet PSydney Warriors432.00
61 Ravi, SimantSydney United Sports Club Inc.131.00
62 Kaushik, ShubhamSydney Warriors330.00
63 Clarke, NamGladiators430.00
64 Kaushik, AnkitBeacon Hill Cricket Club230.00
65 Gussey, BenHornsby District Cricket Club230.00
66 Singh, AnimeshHornsby District Cricket Club326.00
67 Lovegrove, TimHornsby District Cricket Club226.00
68 Dutta, PrasenjitSydney Warriors226.00
69 Radhakrishnan, NikethanGladiators224.00
70 Deo, Gunpreet SBeacon Hill Cricket Club523.00
71 Campbell, JamieNude Driving322.00
72 King, MichaelNude Driving220.00
73 Loganathan, TharmilanBeacon Hill Cricket Club120.00
74 Parasa, SrinivasSydney Warriors420.00
75 Condylios, NickGladiators418.00
76 Jamieson, HarryNude Driving116.00
77 Hungerford, MatthewNude Driving215.00
78 Watson, LukeNude Driving214.00
79 Cole, Matthew JBeacon Hill Cricket Club214.00
80 Anand Kumar, KarthikGladiators114.00
81 Singh, PushpinderSydney Warriors214.00
82 Barwal, PrashantSydney United Sports Club Inc.412.00
83 Gopalakrishnan, SandheepHornsby District Cricket Club211.00
84 Hughes, SorenNude Driving211.00
85 Wanzare, RajendraGladiators110.00
86 Tarrant, MickNude Driving310.00
87 Webb, XavierNude Driving110.00
88 Husband, James RHornsby District Cricket Club210.00
89 Malik, SarmadSydney United Sports Club Inc.110.00
90 Pathania, Sahil SNude Driving210.00
91 Gandhi, ZubinGladiators110.00
92 Singh, SatinderBeacon Hill Cricket Club27.00
93 Singh, VarjeetBeacon Hill Cricket Club24.00
94 Ansari, JazibSydney United Sports Club Inc.13.00
95 Badrous, Jeffrey LNude Driving23.00
96 Frost, BrodieNude Driving23.00
97 James, PaulNude Driving21.00
98 Munro, RossNude Driving11.00
99 Lynch, Ryan TNude Driving20.00
100 Beaumont, AngusGladiators20.00
101 Khan, SibghatHornsby District Cricket Club20.00
102 Alamgir, EmadGladiators20.00
103 Saini, Vishwas KSydney Warriors20.00
104 Sivaraj, SurenderajHornsby District Cricket Club10.00
105 Stanton, JoshuaGladiators20.00
106 Singh, NavGladiators10.00
107 Srivastava, RaveeshGladiators20.00
108 Lewis, DaveHornsby District Cricket Club20.00
109 Patel, JayNude Driving10.00
110 Malhotra, ManishGladiators20.00
111 Mirza, AsimBeacon Hill Cricket Club10.00
112 Mohamed, Fasahath HHornsby District Cricket Club20.00
113 Saini, PankajSydney United Sports Club Inc.20.00
114 Desai, NimeshGladiators10.00
115 Foster, CharlesGladiators10.00
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Points allocation
Runs 1.00 Catches 10.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 20.00 Assisted Wickets 10.00
Unassisted Runouts 10.00 Assisted Runouts 5.00
100s 0.00 50s 0.00
Stumpings 10.00 5 wkts in Innings 0.00
Not outs 10.00