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Champion Player

Grade Type 
Match Format 

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 PlayerClubMatches Points
1 Kumar, LakshaySydney United Sports Club Inc.4121.00
2 Zala, PrabhatBeacon Hill Cricket Club3119.00
3 Avish, AvishSydney United Sports Club Inc.4110.00
4 Saha, AarkaBeacon Hill Cricket Club4108.00
5 Walker, ChrisSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club3108.00
6 Penugodu, Rohith CGladiators3105.00
7 Brazel, PeterWorking Class Warriors2100.00
8 Mahajan, RonitBeacon Hill Cricket Club495.00
9 Whalebone, FreddyGladiators492.00
10 Warde, HimanshuWorking Class Warriors188.00
11 Premkumar, AshwinWorking Class Warriors181.00
12 Arora, AyushSydney United Sports Club Inc.278.00
13 Chaudhary, VisheshSydney United Sports Club Inc.473.00
14 Hussain, AktherWorking Class Warriors261.00
15 Gupta, PankajSydney United Sports Club Inc.261.00
16 Bhargava, KrishnaWorking Class Warriors261.00
17 Haider, Naba-AllahWorking Class Warriors260.00
18 Wadhwa, Raman SSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club159.00
19 Saraswat, AbhishekSydney United Sports Club Inc.359.00
20 Vala, PravinBeacon Hill Cricket Club459.00
21 Dadlani, PradeepSydney United Sports Club Inc.356.00
22 Sandhu, JaspreetSydney United Sports Club Inc.350.00
23 Mohamed, Fasahath HSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club250.00
24 Ahire, ValmikGladiators350.00
25 Singh, SatinderGladiators149.00
26 Singh, SatinderBeacon Hill Cricket Club447.00
27 Atwal, RobinWorking Class Warriors342.00
28 Ahmad, FarazBeacon Hill Cricket Club442.00
29 Haider, NajiWorking Class Warriors341.00
30 Anand, KaranSydney United Sports Club Inc.240.00
31 Vyas, DhrumilWorking Class Warriors340.00
32 Maheswaran, SinthujanGladiators140.00
33 Steel, JoshuaSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club238.00
34 Kattakayam, BenettGladiators437.00
35 Sultan, SayemWorking Class Warriors132.00
36 Kapila, ArshGladiators331.00
37 Millar, SamSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club330.00
38 Barwal, PrashantSydney United Sports Club Inc.230.00
39 Chakravarty, RajatSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club329.00
40 Tapia, ZaeemBeacon Hill Cricket Club123.00
41 Wilson, ThomasSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club423.00
42 Atienzo, Samuel MSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club122.00
43 Patselis, JamesWorking Class Warriors122.00
44 Parasa, SrinivasGladiators222.00
45 SHARMA, DhirajSydney United Sports Club Inc.322.00
46 Valecha, NikhilSydney United Sports Club Inc.321.00
47 Chandar, GurukrishnaGladiators320.00
48 Beaumont, AngusGladiators320.00
49 Loganathan, TharmilanBeacon Hill Cricket Club120.00
50 Gussey, BenSt Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club319.00
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Total Records: 97   Page: 1 of 2   Go to:Prev   <[1 2]>Next

Points allocation
Runs 1.00 Catches 10.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 20.00 Assisted Wickets 10.00
Unassisted Runouts 10.00 Assisted Runouts 5.00
100s 0.00 50s 0.00
Stumpings 10.00 5 wkts in Innings 0.00
Not outs 10.00